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Exam Results Administrative Page

This is an administrative page allowing the association to access exam grades. A page where candidates may view their own scores can also be provided.

CourseCodeNameScoreExam Date
Communications in Organizations958812cr402017-Aug-15 08:10
Communications in Organizations109938Stephanie Hill402017-Aug-14 01:08
Communications in Organizations119811Emily202017-Aug-13 05:16
Communications in Organizations988487Sandra Hallock202017-Aug-11 04:47
Communications in Organizations994188Test602017-Aug-11 10:47
Communications in Organizations636831Test602017-Aug-11 10:46
Communications in Organizations311377Stephanie Hill202017-Aug-10 09:24
Communications in Organizations634450james602017-Aug-08 02:46
Communications in Organizations557007Crystal 202017-Aug-04 12:49
Communications in Organizations561504james gouthro202017-Aug-04 07:45

Exams Written: 1508
Average Score: 35 %