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Exam Results Administrative Page

This is an administrative page allowing the association to access exam grades. A page where candidates may view their own scores can also be provided.

CourseCodeNameScoreExam Date
Communications in Organizations836156Ron602021-Mar-16 07:04
Communications in Organizations237747Ron402021-Mar-16 02:05
Communications in Organizations274865GulTion202021-Feb-22 03:01
Communications in Organizations751608prince402021-Jan-14 09:37
Communications in Organizations293234Yubashini202020-Dec-13 05:55
Communications in Organizations795111John602020-Nov-24 05:04
Communications in Organizations162060matkyda402020-Sep-28 06:53
Communications in Organizations432299Doris 402020-Aug-26 08:57
Communications in Organizations160396Doris Nessim 202020-Aug-26 08:54
Communications in Organizations826391Candice Christenson202020-Aug-25 04:35

Exams Written: 2007
Average Score: 35 %