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Exam Results Administrative Page

This is an administrative page allowing the association to access exam grades. A page where candidates may view their own scores can also be provided.

CourseCodeNameScoreExam Date
Communications in Organizations157665Test Test202019-Mar-15 03:31
Communications in Organizations326709Chris Peralta202019-Mar-15 12:45
Communications in Organizations802314Susana Neves-Silva602019-Mar-14 06:32
Communications in Organizations312091Christie Disinger602019-Mar-10 06:27
Communications in Organizations314774Patty Matsuo602019-Mar-05 10:44
Communications in Organizations563588Test202019-Mar-05 12:44
Communications in Organizations265103Betina Albornoz402019-Mar-01 07:25
Communications in Organizations123367Sandra402019-Feb-27 10:46
Communications in Organizations170660Noelle Patten202019-Feb-26 12:42
Communications in Organizations349725Renee Davis402019-Feb-26 12:08

Exams Written: 1892
Average Score: 35 %