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This registration page is for candidates who completed their education in Canada. You will complete the Professional Practice Exam or PPE. This registration page is also for candidates who completed their education outside of Canada and who have also completed one year of Canadian engineering technician or technologist work experience. You will also complete the PPE.

This registration page is NOT for you, if you are currently a post secondary student in Ontario. If you are a post secondary student in Ontario click here. This registration page is NOT for you if you completed your education and training outside of Canada and have NOT completed at least one year of Canadian engineering technician or technologist work experience. If you are in this situation click here.



  1. Professional Practice Exam (PPE) Package: With this purchase you will have access to the PPE study materials in a printable, downloadable eBook format for six (6) months plus one complete exam session (3 hours).
    Fee: $250.00 + $15.60 HST = $265.60
  2. PPE Rewrite: This purchase is for those who have failed one or more sections of the PPE. This purchase is for one exam session only. When you register below you will be asked to indicate which section or sections you need to rewrite.
    Fee: $150.00 + $00.00 HST = $150.00
  3. PPE Extension: With this purchase you will receive a six (6) month extension to write the exam that you originally registered for. This purchase is for those who did not have time to write the exam they purchased within the original six (6) month timeframe.
    Fee: $150.00 + 19.50 HST = $169.50
  4. PPE eBook Extension: With this purchase you will have access to the study materials in a printable, downloadable eBook format for an additional six (6) months after your first six (6) months expires.
    Fee: $60.00 + $7.80 HST = $67.80
  5. PPE Online Seminar: The online seminar provides you with a guided approach to studying for the PPE. It includes voiced over PowerPoint presentations on each chapter of the eBook, quizzes for each module and a complete sample practice exam. You will have access to the seminar for six (6) months.
    Fee: $150.00 + $19.50 HST = $169.50

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Review the Instructions For Writing With An Online Proctor prior to scheduling your exam with OACETT's online proctor.

Technical Support for Registration

If you require technical support for the exam registration process, contact support@captus.com